904Labs is an Amsterdam-based artificial intelligence company that offers the first commercially available self-learning search engine. I co-founded 904Labs in 2014 and led  the company until late 2019. I worked on setting business strategy and development, as well as on the research agenda and the engineering roadmap for 904Labs’ core search and recommendation algorithms.

Solumbro was an Athens-based Internet-of-Things company that designed and manufactured smart outdoor parasols. Solumbro was founded in 2015 and operated until late 2019. Solumbro was fully bootstrapped and got to a fully-working prototype, which made the news. I was an advisor at Solumbro in machine learning, big data, and software infrastructure.

MyYard (WasteLogics since 2013) is a U.K.-based software company that offers entreprise resource planning (ERP) suite for waste management. I co-founded MyYard in 2005, and I was involved in designing and engineering the MyYard software until 2007. MyYard was the first in its kind to be offered in the cloud with a pay-as-you-go business model–business properties that still keep it ahead of the curve.