Talk at TECH Talks Amsterdam

On 31 May, I was invited to give a talk at TECH Talks in Amsterdam. TECH Talks is a new meetup organized by, a new way for matching jobs and talent in IT. My talk revolved on how we built an e-commerce focused search engine using machine learning (or as most people know it, A.I.). The meetup had a great start with more than 200 registered people and more than 100 people showed up; the room at TQ was at its maximum capacity! The audience was diverse with a nice mix of frontend, backend , senior and junior engineers, and also people from other disciplines who are interested in keeping up with latest developments in IT and e-commerce. Techloop and TQ were great organizers providing a great atmosphere (pizza and beer, included) facilitating great chats and networks afterwards.

You can see the video of the talks here (mine is the first after the introduction by Techloop):


The slides of my talk are here:


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